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It's 2050, the resources of the earth are becoming less and less. What is the solution? Right! Let's occupy Mars and make humanity a multiplanar species. But It's not that simple as it might sounds. But hey, just try it out, it's free

electriCITY is a for schools optimized simulation-software, to adjust the coordination of several power plants. The program is equipped with sufficient evaluation statistics, to reflect the actions of the students and to discuss them in the classroom. The basic task is to adapt the production of electricity as well as possible to the needs in one of several selectable situations (optimal energy use). From situation to situation you have different amounts of resources, money, powerplants, etc. In addition to the situations, there is also a sandbox mode, where unlimited funds, resources and all power plants are available.

Anxious is an horror escape room game. You have to find a way out by solving puzzles or mastering other challenges. But be prepared, if you need too much time, you will meet the killer. An exciting atmosphere is very important for me, so I pay close attention to details and take time for development. The game is somekind of my hobby project.

About me

My name is Paul and I am a the creator of the AtticGamesStudio. I grew up with playing videogames, which quickly became my passion. I love games like Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin's Creed or other big "AAA" titles, but I also love the smaller games like Machinarium, Life is Strange or Samorost, because with those I really feel like falling into the world of the developer. About 5 years ago I decided to create my own games and share them with the world. This was the beginning of the AtticGamesStudio.

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